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Below are the common methods in cleaning carpet

Methods use of professional carpet cleaning

Carpets are very much used in every household but maintaining or cleaning this will give a hard time and it must be handled by professionals to do the job.  Removing stains, dust and any dirt material in the carpet has different ways but there are times that it might compromise the quality of the chemicals or the method used is not good for it. There are a number of carpet cleaning Irvine where they use different ways or methods to bring out the best service of cleaning your carpet.




  • Hot Water Extraction

This method uses a special equipment to clean the carpet that uses a high pressured steam with cleaning chemicals to remove impurities of the carpet This is usually called a Steam Cleaning, after this, it will be left for a while and will be rinsed with specialized equipment.

  • Dry cleaning

This type of cleaning involves or use dry agents or chemicals. With the help of a special equipment, it will be mixed with special solvents and spread to the carpet. After leaving for a short duration, this will be removed through a vacuum.

  • Carpet Shampooing

The method was introduced in 1970 and this is simply shampooing the carpet. Though this is will help in removing heavily soiled carpets but this will leave a residue due to the foams. The tendency, it will leave the carpets quality in bad condition.

  • Encapsulation

The modernized method of carpet shampoo, it uses a synthetic detergent which will be turned into powder once it is dry. Once it is applied to the carpet and left in a few minutes, the dirt and other impurities will be encapsulated into powder and this will be cleaned through a  vacuum. Though this method gives a good cleaning result, however, it will not clean thoroughly.